Unrealistic targets - remote workers


Last Published  01 August 2012

As with most potential disasters, there are usually several precipitating factors and they do not usually happen all at once. What is most likely to happen is that a few, relatively minor things go awry and these gradually build up into a real problem. Like all management problems, vigilance, good communication and open and honest feedback (both ways) will go a long way towards keeping problems at bay.

There are several situations that are particularly likely to occur when managing remote workers. These are usually caused by the fact that many remote workers tend to store problems up because they don't want to sound as if they are continually grumbling. When this happens, the small irritations become unbearable and definitely dangerous and efficiency-threatening.

Tool aim
  • To look at ways in which you and your remote team can diagnose problems associated with unrealistic targets and nip them in the bud.