Use of conference calls for remote workers


Last Published  01 August 2012

One of the most useful tools a remote team has is the conference call. This allows all the team members to get together over their telephones and swap information, plans and news. Conference calling can be used to update the team on new products or services, new procedures and regulations. Conference calls from the remote team's computers can include video input of both the people calling and any documentation that is needed, so not only can the team hear each other, they can see each other too. There are many organisations that will supply companies with conference calling facilities and expertise on the management of these. Searching the Internet for suppliers of these will turn up a great range of options.

Please be aware that there are constraints with this tool, and it needs to be organised and run very efficiently to get the best out of the technology. This tool contains a checklist to help you do this.

Tool aims
  • To make conference calling effective.