This topic contains a range of tools to help improve the motivation of team members.
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Self-assessment questionnaire - motivating
This tool can be used to help managers create an initial benchmark of effectiveness in each area of motivating others and identify the areas of motivating that they want/need to develop the most.
Areas of concern for teams
Use this team exercise tool to help participants work through areas of concern with their team.
Completing a motivation profile
Use this tool to understand the factors that affect each team member’s motivation, decide on how to improve each team member’s motivation and to agree actions to take that will result in improved motivation.
Ideas for improving motivation
You can use this tool to generate ways of improving the motivation of team members which are relevant to their working environment and to decide what can be done to improve recognition, involvement, delegation and the use of improvement projects.
Identifying information needs
Use this tool to identify the different information needs of all team members and assess the level of importance each team member gives to information on various topics.
Measuring motivation
Use this tool to explore how the morale and motivation of all team members has varied throughout the course of the previous month and decide on what actions to take in order to improve the team’s motivation over the coming month.
Motivation theories
A tool that can be used to explore with managers the three early theories of motivation and their impact on management thinking.
Finding hidden motivators
This tool can be used to show managers how to easily search for five categories of hidden motivators.
Personal motivators
You can use this tool to show managers how to look for personal motivators with members of their team.
The impact of self-esteem on motivation
Use this tool to show managers the impact of self-esteem on motivation.
Motivators at work
Use this tool to show managers the main motivators for people at work.
Motivating your team
You can use this tool to show managers top tips for improving motivation in their teams.