Performance assessment

This topic contains a range of tools to help you run a session on assessing performance.
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Assessing the organisations readiness for performance management
Use this tool to help identify whether the organisational climate is conducive to performance improvement.
Evaluating your appraisal process
You can use this tool to evaluate your appraisal process.
Designing an appraisal process to fit your organisation
Use this tool to help participants consider the characteristics of their organisation and the way those characteristics need to be reflected in the design of their appraisal process. It will be particularly appropriate for an HR 'away day' or similar event.
Competencies and effective appraisal
This tool can be used to make it easier for participants to agree performance expectations and assess the performance of their own staff.
Benchmarking performance management
This tool can be used to stimulate discussion on measuring performance and the possible outcomes of handling performance problems well within a department or team.
Assertive appraisal
You can use this tool to help participants to understand assertiveness, to distinguish it from aggressive and submissive behaviour and to determine how to apply it in their performance-management discussions.
Assertive appraisal - rights of those involved
Use this tool to explore the rights of the appraiser and appraise, determine how both parties would behave if they stood up for their own rights and respected those of the other person and compare that behaviour with their own behaviour to determine what changes they could usefully make.
Assessing performance
This tool provides an excellent opportunity to focus on: the need for consistency of standards between appraisers; how small differences in performance can result in different appraisal ratings and the terminology with which to justify an appraisal rating so that the appraisee feels it is fair and objective.
Personal assessment
A tool that cen be used to help managers think about their capability and motivation to handle performance in their teams and get managers to rate their own receptiveness to feedback.
Performance self-appraisal
Use this tool to help participants to conduct a self-assessment of their current performance.
Improving as an appraiser
Use this tool to help participants to improve as an appraiser through the use of self-analysis in order to identify priority areas.
Avoiding bias in performance management
You can use this tool to enhance participants' understanding of unintentional bias so that they can avoid it more easily.
Keeping track of performance
This tool can be used to enable participants to monitor staff performance accurately.
Resolving typical appraisal problems
Use this tool to help participants to forecast what these problems might be and to plan how to resolve them in the interests of both themselves and the staff member.