Setting objectives

This topic contains a range of tools to help you run a session on objective setting.
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Preparation and research - setting objectives
Use this tool to guide managers through two important activities which help them prepare for setting objectives for themselves and encourage the involvement of others
Setting goals, aims, objectives, standards and targets
This tool can be used to help managers set performance markers to help with performance issues.
Agreeing objectives and standards
Use this tool to help managers set objectives and standards to improve team performance.
Creating team objectives
Use this tool to create a set of team objectives agreed by all the team.
Cascading goals and objectives
Use the tool to show managers how they can begin to cascade goals and objectives to their team.
Agreeing team members objectives
You can use this tool to enable managers to agree personal objectives with each member of their team.
Role clarification - setting objectives
A tool that can be used to help managers (and their own managers) to prepare for and carry out a role-clarification discussion when setting objectives.
Constructing your own objectives
You can use the tool to help managers create a set of objectives for themselves.
Development options and plans
This tool can be used to create a personal development plan for the manager and all team members.
Setting SMART objectives
Use this tool to help managers to set clear goals and objectives for their team.
Three Ts
A tool that can be used to help managers ensure that everyone in their team has the 'Three Ts': the target, the tally and the tools.
Managing objective-setting meetings
This tool can be used to take managers through a five-step process they can use to gain the full commitment of an individual to setting objectives.
How to check that objectives are understood
This tool can be use to help managers check the objectives of their team are understood.