Setting performance expectations

This topic contains a range of tools to help you run a session on how to set performance expectations.
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Defining expectations for performance management
Use this tool to help managers define expectations for team members.
Deciding how to set the standard as a manager
Use this tool to help the manager to assess the variety of different ways standards can be set.
Identifying standards of performance
Use this tool to help establish the standards of performance by which staff are to be measured.
Developing pictures of success
Use this tool to ensure that all team members are clear what is expected of them.
Identifying key performance areas
This tool can be used to help managers and their teams identify key performance areas through a dialogue.
Achieving role clarity
This tool includes activities and tasks to help a team reach clarity regaring the roles they have.
Clarifying high performance
This tool aims to help clarify high performance for managers to assist with staff development.