Staff development

This topic contains a range of tools to help you run a session on managing staff development.
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Using performance-related data in learning needs analysis
Use this tool to demonstrate to the participants how they can support the learning needs analysis process by using performance-related data.
Reviewing performance management data in learning needs analysis
A tool to demonstrate how participants can use the documentation from the last performance management review to feed into the identification of their own learning needs.
Identifying the learning needs of groups and departments
A tool to help participants to understand why and how learning needs analysis may be carried out at departmental or team level.
Roles and responsibilities in staff development
Use this tool to help managers determine the roles and responsibilities to ensure staff receive development opportunities.
The added-value approach to development
The tool helps participants use the 'added-value' approach to ensure effective development.
Search for development opportunities
A tool to show managers how to find effective solutions which really help individuals to develop in the most effective way.
Workplace development opportunities
A tool to help managers consider a range of workplace development opportunities for their staff.
Developing confidence in your staff
A tool to show managers a simple process for developing confidence in their staff, saving valuable time
Developing staff - coaching opportunities
Use this tool to help managers use the conversations they have with their staff as coaching opportunities.
Personal development plans
The tool can be used to show managers how to formulate a personal development plan for their team members.